case study

Driving Data-driven Decision-making With Real-time Digital Marketing Data Hub


Business Impacts

Enhanced decision-making processes through data-driven insights

Streamlined data transfer operations through automation

Elevated data quality resulting in improved accuracy and reliability

Enabled improved user journey tracking to strategically navigate and capitalize on the evolving landscape

Customer Key Facts

  • Country : US
  • Industry : Manufacturing

Problem Context

The client is a global manufacturer offering comprehensive solutions encompassing high-performance safety devices, printing systems, labels, signs, and software.

The client sought to establish a centralized, cloud-based digital marketing data warehouse that operates in real-time and is fully automated.


  • Integrating data from diverse marketing sources for comprehensive analysis
  • Ensuring consistency and aligning data frequencies for unified insights
  • Streamlining data transformation and ingestion processes through automation
  • Regularly updating and populating datasets with frequent data for up-to-date analysis

Technologies Used

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage

 Monitoring & Alerting

Monitoring & Alerting

BigQuery DTS

BigQuery DTS



Cloud Composer

Cloud Composer


  • Quantiphi aided the client by constructing data pipelines capable of automating and scheduling the ingestion and transformation of data from various sources to Google Cloud.
  • Additionally, Quantiphi seamlessly integrated the data platform with a BI Tool (DOMO), enabling rapid dashboard creation and visualization to support descriptive and diagnostic analytics.


Established the framework for implementing data-driven marketing analytics

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