case study

Outbound Calling Virtual Agent for a Telecom Company


Business Impacts


Conversations were successfully completed


Customer interactions led to successful return of their devices

Customer Key Facts

  • Industry : Telecommunications
  • Country : North America

Problem Context

One of the largest US telecommunications companies, relied on third-party services to manage their trade-in process where customers returned their old devices on purchase of new ones. However, manual and cumbersome processes along with no real-time tracking of the shipping process led to a multitude of discrepancies regarding the status of the shipping kit.


  • Integration of custom voice
  • Integration of virtual agent with client’s existing system i.e. Avaya AEP and Amdocs system
  • Acknowledging if the call goes to voicemail when a customer is not available to answer the call

Technologies Used

Dialogflow CX

Dialogflow CX





Avaya AEP

Avaya AEP


Quantiphi developed a seamless outbound calling virtual agent to streamline this entire process. The virtual agent conversed with customers to obtain the status of their trade-in process and updated the information in the system. This enabled the company to have full control over the process and understand the difficulties faced by customers in returning their old devices.


  • Improved customer satisfaction by proactively providing the trade-in information
  • Enhanced operational efficiency by updating the shipping status in real-time without any manual intervention
  • Recognized voicemail from the customer and proactively provided trade-in information after beep tone prompt
  • Helped in better understanding customer queries and their sentiments with recording feature, storing interactions between virtual agent and customers

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