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Pincode Recognition for Proof Of Purchase

Retail & CPG

Business Impacts


String accuracy


Character accuracy


Model file size

Customer Key Facts

  • Rank : Fortune 100
  • Size : 80,000+ employees
  • Location : Atlanta, Georgia
  • Industry : Food & Beverages

Problem Context

Coca-Cola, an American multinational beverage corporation, had launched a loyalty reward redemption program, called, in which customers had to manually enter 14-character pin codes printed inside their purchased beverage’s bottle caps into a mobile device.

Coca-Cola wanted to eradicate this manual data entry process and aspired to enhance the end consumer experience by building a swift image scanning solution.



  • Non-standard fonts on the bottle caps
  • Synthetic data generation for varying lighting, scales, rotations, tilts, modes
  • 14^20 possible character combinations
  • Small model size needed to help fit on edge devices

Technologies Used

Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda

Amazon S3

Amazon S3





Delivering 'Magic Wand' Proof of Purchase Experience on Phone-Based App


Quantiphi developed a custom computer vision solution which enabled customers to easily scan their bottle cap on the mobile app, accurately processing the pin code with sub-second response time for both Android and iOS devices. This saved the company millions of dollars by avoiding the requirement to update printers in production lines to support higher-fidelity fonts that would work with existing off-the-shelf OCR software


  • Effortless proof of purchase submission
  • Seamless customer experience
  • Greater cost savings


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