case study

Policy Review Automation for a Leading Broker


Business Impacts


Classification and ~93% extraction and comparison accuracy


Time/effort reduction per review


Weeks of onboarding time


Languages supported

Customer Key Facts

  • Industry : Commercial Insurance/Broker
  • Country : Global

Problem Context

  • The client, one of the leading brokers in the industry, wanted to automate their manual policy review process to improve efficiency.
  • The client wanted to automate the highly manual post-bind policy review process which required brokers to compare old and new renewal policies to verify existing coverages and limits, location, named insured schedules, etc., and flag mismatches. 
  • 80% of documents have one or more material errors as the brokers have to sift through hundreds of documents with varying templates and formats to find the required data.
  • 2.7 hours average time to complete end-to-end reviews.


  • High error rate in manual review process
  • High operational cost of manual comparison across multiple documents
  • Lack of industry standardization of documents leading to over 3000+ different document formats and templates
  • Long timelines of up to 2 weeks, resulting in low CSAT scores and customer churn
  • Limitations such as handling variability of incoming paper trail and documents with high page count making incumbent document processing solutions/products unscalable
  • Inability to verify/validate all pre-bind documents, pertaining to manual dependencies, before writing risks


Dociphi, Quantiphi’s AI-powered Intelligent Document Management Platform, assists the brokers by automating the entire policy review process and eliminating the need for the brokers to manually process documents.

  • Dociphi seamlessly ingests and classifies numerous policy documents, quotes and binders of various formats and uses highly accurate ML models to extract data from multiple fields, key values, tables, hierarchical and contextual data
  • Dociphi then compares the extracted data from the old policy, new policy and binder documents and highlights all the changes across all three documents, and provides the output in a format compatible with the downstream system
  • Dociphi seamlessly integrates with input channels of incoming documents and pushes data in the required formats to customer systems/cores

Impact Details

  • ~95% classification, extraction, and comparison accuracy across target carriers and ~86% extraction and comparison accuracy for non-target carriers
  • ~67% out-of-the-box time/effort reduction per review
  • Scalability of the solution to all countries/geographies where the broker operates
  • Seamless integration to downstream low-code/no-code applications. Outputs published in formats required by the business
  • Less than 4 weeks time to market/value creation
  • Significant reduction in the cost of operation
  • Intuitive User Interface for Human in the loop reviews enables quick user onboarding onto the platform

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