OrderSmartTM is a predictive ordering solution that uses proprietary AI and ML algorithms to transform the manual sales-order generation process of Coca-Cola Bottlers, releasing millions of dollars in OpEx savings.



OrderSmartTM accelerates the growth opportunities of bottlers and distributors through data-driven tools and assets to win in the marketplace. It is an at-scale solution that enables Coca-Cola Bottler sales teams to spend more time selling and serving its 150,000 convenience store customers more efficiently.

AI-enabled OrderSmartTM is now available worldwide to enable suggested order generation for over 1.5 million SKU-store combinations.

Customer Testimonial

All of our Sales Sups were optimistic and had good things to say about the orders overall. Everyone mentioned how the orders were ‘spot on’ and the handful of variances were explainable.

Cooper Camak

Cooper Camak

Manager - Outlet Execution & Insights, Coca-Cola Bottling Company United, Inc

About the Partnership

Quantiphi and CONA Services LLC entered into a strategic partnership to deliver innovative AI-enabled predictive order management solutions to bottlers and distributors worldwide. CONA Services manages an IT Platform (CONA) for the North American Coca-Cola bottling industry and enables bottlers to achieve superior customer experience and digital business innovation. Quantiphi is an award-winning AI-first digital engineering company that combines deep industry experience, disciplined cloud and data engineering practices, and cutting-edge AI research to achieve quantifiable business impact.

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