Quantiphi Named a Computer Vision Leader in The Latest Forrester New Wave™

With the advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, companies are increasingly adopting Computer Vision (CV) to leverage real-time data to improve business outcomes and reduce costs. CV enables automatic processing and analysis of the information contained within digital media. 
The proliferation of digital data makes it important to have high-performance workflows that can help organizations scale faster, make quicker decisions and achieve business goals. Quantiphi is committed to building and delivering innovative CV solutions to help customers maximize value from data and drive business value. We are delighted to be recognized as a leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Computer Vision Consultancies, Q4 2020. The report evaluated thirteen CV service providers across ten criteria.

The Forrester New Wave™ refers to Forrester’s evaluation of the top products and companies in an emerging technology market. In the report, Forrester assesses the core capabilities and strategies of these products according to the businesses’ needs. Based on the analysis, Quantiphi is named a leader in the report with criteria such as Data, Model Development, Solutions & Accelerators, Vision and Market Approach as the differentiators. The report recommends Quantiphi as the go-to vendor for all your CV requirements. 

Why is Quantiphi a Leader in CV solutions?

The report highlights that

  • Quantiphi has proven expertise in meeting the challenges and demands of CV use cases, and has tackled a wider range of complex CV projects than any other vendor in this evaluation, including digital pathology, contract analysis, automated inspection, student proctoring, and social distancing monitoring. 
  • Quantiphi has a large number of prebuilt CV and AI components and platforms to support the entire CV project lifecycle.
  • Quantiphi could extend its CV offerings even more with CV-related partnerships, especially when it comes to unconventional hardware and data. 
  • Customers have praised Quantiphi for its expertise and transparency as well as for over-delivering at competitive prices.

Quantiphi has developed and operationalized CV use cases across industries. By leveraging machine learning models and partner platforms, Quantiphi enhances the resolution and provides faster interfaces for CV workflows integration. Customers have used our CV expertise to:

  • Identify and define CV project objectives,
  • Collect and organize high-quality, relevant CV datasets,
  • Build high-performance custom CV models,
  • Deploy and manage CV models on specialized hardware.

The Forrester New Wave™: Computer Vision Consultancies, Q4 2020 will benefit enterprises in making an informed decision when selecting their CV service provider. We will continue to build the most innovative CV solutions that enable our customers to transform their businesses. To learn more about our CV offerings, get in touch with us

Written byJhon Alexander
Jhon Alexander is a marketing leader at Quantiphi. He oversees business and strategic marketing initiatives and is responsible for influencer relations, channel marketing, industry marketing, brand and marketing communications.

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