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Why Qollective.CX?

Qollective.CX is a one stop experience management platform that enables organizations to provide best in class AI powered customer service.

Up to 55%
Reduction in AI Solution Development Time
Lower Contact Center Operation Costs
Multi Language Support
Improvement in First Call Resolution Rate

Built with experience from

Enterprise-Grade Implementations
200 M +
Automated Conversations

How it works?
Connects your Contact Center platform to a Conversational AI engine Built from a warehouse of pre-built industry specific Virtual Agents Creates actionable insights to assist agent and improve productivity Improves virtual agent performance & reduces fallback by intent optimization Integrates with end points using low code / no code workflows

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500+ Industry Specific Intents, 100+ Skills & Curated Personas

That Are Fully Customizable

PAM (Post Procedure Assistant Manager

PAM is a best in class virtual assistant that effectively monitors a patient’s wellness and recovery post discharge.

Create schedules based on outpatient protocol to monitor patient wellness Provide timely medication, diet, and exercise reminders Healthcare Insights API enabled

View PAM

CORA (Clinical trial Outcome & Reporting Assistant)

CORA assists clinical trial participants during and after the clinical trial process. Best suited for large pharmas and hospitals.

Monitors clinical trial outcomes
Supports outbound & inbound calling features
OCR capabilities enabled by Doc AI
Adverse reaction prebuilt & customizable flows
Institutions & Patient management

IBA (Intelligent Banking Assistant)

IBA assists customers on retail or consumer banking related queries like account statements, credit cards, recommendations, loans, report or block cards. Best suited for medium – large banks

Banking customer FAQ, service requests management with live agent handoff capabilities
Password reset, Customer account management
OCR capabilities enabled by Doc AI

INAS (Intelligent Insurance Assistant)

INAS assists customers with their insurance plans and policies – from providing existing policy information to taking payment and account information.

Automated application workflows and knowledge bases integration
Real time OCR and docusign integration
Customer account management, Password reset, Product recommendation.

PACE (Public & Citizen Assist)

A citizen assist that guides with information with respect to policies, donations, service requests, report issues and gauge public sentiment with feedback forms

User-friendly access to information across knowledge base
Templatized feedback forms
Send out communications and announcements via outbound reach outs

TAM (Telecom Assistance Manager)

An advanced virtual agents that assists with broadband, mobile plans, upgrade, service requests and drive feedbacks.

Seamless CRM integration
Assistive AI support for Live agent handoff
Measure CSAT scores with feedback templates

EVA (Enterprise Virtual Assistant)

An all in one virtual agent that acts as a companion to employees throughout their lifecycle from onboarding to exit.

Pre-built templates for Incident, Catalog management, Leave application etc
Measure ESAT scores with Feedback templates
Index multiple knowledge base articles across line of business tools

How will AI shape Customer Experience in 2022 and beyond?

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Learn how organizations can modernize their experience management processes with AI, alongside relevant industry trends, TX strategies for decision makers and CXOs to stay ahead of the curve in this fast-paced attention economy.

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