Quantiphi named as an IDC Innovator for Innovation in Artificial Intelligence Services

Quantiphi has been named an IDC Innovator in the IDC Innovators: Artificial Intelligence Services, 2020 report. Quantiphi is one of four companies featured in the report, which covers a selection of vendors that offer an innovative new technology or a groundbreaking business model, or both in artificial intelligence (AI) services. We are excited to be selected as an IDC Innovator which follows Quantiphi’s recognition as a leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Computer Vision Consultancies, Q4 2020 and being recognized as an InsurTech100 company.

Key Differentiators as Cited by IDC 

Quantiphi has created an industrialized, IP-driven approach to building customized AI solutions using a repository of micro-agents that perform specialized tasks, which the company organizes by four key senses (sight, sound, language, and pattern). Qognition.AI, Quantiphi’s orchestration platform for MLOps, provides access to the repository as well as tools to manage the process of assembling, training, validating, and monitoring AI solutions at scale.

Global market intelligence provider IDC determined that Quantiphi meets the criteria to become an Innovator based on three key reasons:

  • AI solutions that target horizontal workloads, such as contact center and document processing, and packaged solutions that leverage repeatable patterns and use cases across a broad range of industry verticals
  • Engagement model that takes clients from ideation (“hack it”) to pilot (“prove it”) to production applications (“nail it”) to a factory-based model for AI solutions (“scale it”)
  • Combination of competencies in three areas to solve business problems: industry analysts, who orchestrate people, processes, and technologies; cloud/data engineers, who organize data, create data pipelines, and prepare data for modeling; and ML engineers, who provide deep learning and statistical ML modeling expertise.

Quantiphi prides itself on solving complex business problems and accelerating digital transformation for clients by applying advanced and innovative AI techniques and solutions. The report acknowledges Quantiphi’s broad portfolio of repeatable IP and accelerators, and strong partnerships with major AI technology providers, such as Google, AWS, and NVIDIA, to assemble and scale AI solutions for clients in a variety of industries, leveraging a talent pool of industry analysts, cloud/data engineers, and ML engineers.

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Written byJhon Alexander
Jhon Alexander is a marketing leader at Quantiphi. He oversees business and strategic marketing initiatives and is responsible for influencer relations, channel marketing, industry marketing, brand and marketing communications.

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