Domain Adapted Speech Transcription

Intelligent Speech Transcription Solution with Near-Human Accuracy

AI Applications


Building domain-adapted state-of-the-art speech transcription systems with near-human accuracy. Build state-of-the-art speech transcription systems with near-human accuracy. Leverage the groundbreaking technology of speech recognition that converts the words you speak into written text effortlessly. Deliver increased efficiency to the table for individuals and large-scale businesses.



Automatic speech recognition algorithms with domain-specific language store the data and obtain insights while making it useful for other applications. This allows for better monitoring of user behavior through domain-adapted custom speech recognition solutions, generating speech transcriptions with near-human level accuracy. The solution enables streamlining the storage of exceptionally large data volumes and also empowers text analytics driven insights.




Speech transcription for financial institutions helps them store and analyze the data. Conversations over the customer care calls or trading floor can be transcribed with high accuracy using automatic speech recognition algorithms


STT systems accelerate the rate of learning while saving time and resources. These systems can be adapted for testing, evaluation and customized for students with disabilities. Algorithms trained for specific academic subjects/courses create highly efficient systems


Speech Transcription is a technology that can accelerate and simplify the process of treating a patient. Medications and the instructions can be converted to a digital prescription, saving time and making the process smooth

Business Impact

Reduced Manual Effort

Reduced resources and costs

Streamlining the processes

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