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Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) present a promising solution to unlock the untapped value of unstructured data, providing enterprises with instant access to valuable insights. This has opened up new possibilities for businesses to reimagine customer experience, products, and services, and increase productivity for their teams.

Supercharge Your Workforce Productivity<br/>with baioniq<sup>TM</sup>

Meet baioniq

baioniq is an enterprise-ready generative AI platform that empowers organizations to supercharge the productivity of their knowledge workers by applying generative AI to downstream tasks within their industry. Accelerate your Gen AI journey with features for accessing, domain-adapting, and fine-tuning foundational LLMs, securely in the cloud environment of choice while adhering to Responsible AI principles.

Deploy In Your Cloud
Deploy baioniq on your preferred cloud provider including Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, or a partner of choice.

Deploy On-Premises
Deploy in your private on-premises environment with over-the-air updates and support.

Our Power Partners

Google Cloud

baioniq is built in partnership with Google Cloud’s robust suite of Gen AI offerings such as Vertex AI, Gen AI App builder, Model Garden, and the PaLM 2 model APIs. Customers can confidently deploy, securely scale, and experience baioniq’s transformative power in Google Cloud.


Our strategic partnership with NVIDIA enables baioniq to integrate the power of NVIDIA AI Enterprise (NVAIE). This equips us with the best-in-class tools and early access to NVIDIA applications such as NeMo LLM and Triton to build state-of-the-art Generative AI solutions for the enterprise.


For AWS customers, baioniq is containerized and deployed on AWS. It provides a modular solution that allows modern enterprises to fine-tune LLMs to incorporate domain-specific data and perform enterprise-specific tasks while fully leveraging the environment-native benefits of hosting baioniq in AWS.

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