AI Applications • November 30, 2021

Building Trust and Ethics in AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) pervades our day-to-day lives, the discussion transitions from technological progress to the consequences of using AI. Privacy, security, bias, and ethics are increasingly gaining importance when we talk about the applications of AI. AI technologies aid decision making which exposes these use cases to risks such as simulating or amplifying human biases. Hence, it becomes essential for organizations to ensure that the AI systems are fair and transparent.

However, the question remains how do you ensure that AI is aligned to your business models and core values while leveraging it to drive maximum business outcomes? How do you build AI systems that can be trusted?

Building and adhering to a set of core principles that guide AI-related systems, decisions, and innovation is the first step an organization can take towards cultivating the responsible and ethical AI culture. In this article featured in ISB Management ReThink, Vivek Khemani, Co-founder, Quantiphi and Vishal Vaddina, Solution Architect-ML, Leading Applied Research, Quantiphi share insights that answer these pertinent questions facing every leader today:

  • How can my organization build AI systems and processes that mitigate risks and allow us to reap the most benefits of these technologies?
  • How can my organization use AI to augment human intelligence and creativity in order to derive higher value?
  • How do we create responsible, ethical, and accountable AI strategy and systems?

Read the full article.

Written by

Vivek Khemani And Vishal Vaddina

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