Scaling Teletherapy for Student Well-being

case study

Business Impacts

Improved student approachability leading to higher interventions

Highly scalable & templatized solution

Improved student experience

24*7 access to licensed counselors

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : United States
  • Industry : EdTech

Problem Context

The client helps K-12 districts manage student safety and well-being by proactively identifying students who need mental and emotional support. They enable hundreds of districts to avoid tragedies and save lives while protecting district liability. The client offers K–12 students access to a teletherapy platform that gives them any-time access to licensed therapists from home or school.

However, it was an operational challenge to make this platform accessible throughout the US. The client, therefore, wanted to scale the solution and reduce the overall cost required, making it highly feasible.


  • Automating the process of deployment of the solution using Terraform
  • Scalability of the existing platform across the US and costs associated with it

Technologies Used

Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect

Amazon S3

Amazon S3

Amazon Pinpoint

Amazon Pinpoint

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda

Amazon SNS

Amazon SNS

Scaling Teletherapy Platform To Support K-12 Students


Quantiphi developed a contact center solution powered by Amazon Connect that enables 24X7 Counselor availability through SMS, call, and web chat, ready to be deployed across different districts in the US.


  • 24X7 access to licensed counselors to provide resolution to student grievances
  • Counselor callback in case of student opt-outs, high wait time, or call disconnection
  • Enables counselors to have multiple text conversations and access to call history
  • Student feedback mechanism for calls and texts with the counselor
  • In-built logging mechanism to capture caller details and conversation records

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