Vendor Discovery Amidst COVID Crisis

case study

Business Impacts

Optimized the supply chain for the best price and delivery

Improved vendor management, credit, and cost controls

Faster and better data-driven decision making

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : India
  • Industry : Pharmaceutical
  • Core Product : Covid-19 Medicines


  • The client’s existing process to gain insights from data was cumbersome
  • The existing reports in SAP and BW were historical in nature, and could not give predictive analyses
  • Lack of expertise in-house to develop an advanced analytics solution for evaluation and prioritization of the vendors

Technologies Used

Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio

Google Data QnA

Google Data QnA

SAP Data Services, ERP, BW

SAP Data Services, ERP, BW


Quantiphi developed a set of visually enriched Procure-to-Pay Analytical Dashboards, evaluating Best Buy Attributes for Primary and Alternate Vendors using Google Cloud’s BigQuery and Data Studio.

We leveraged high-value SAP data through the pipelines by integrating the data across the SAP Logistics modules, specifically P2P tables.

This enabled clients to shortlist vendors who could offer the best deal and track all Purchase Orders.


  • High-fidelity dashboards rendered to the client's pharma-specific visualization themes.
  • Motivation to repeat the success of the Procure-to-Pay process for other business processes.


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