Business Impact

  • Human-like interaction via Natural Language Processing

  • Personalized student support

  • Note-taking feature fast-tracks learning progress & performance

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : North America
  • Industry : Higher Education

Problem Context

The customer’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have limited availability to address the large number of students’ requests to address their issues. They were interested in embracing a data-first academic culture leveraging AI services to support the delivery of education to their student base. The customer wanted to develop AI tutors that can: coach students through their coursework and degree programs, convey knowledge and interact via natural language dialogue in speech and text, increase student engagement on any device.



  • Replication of teacher-student interaction
  • Knowledge base creation
  • Non-domain specificity
  • Scaling-up for course and students

Technologies Used

Azure DevOps
Google Cloud Platform

Assisting Students in Reading Comprehension And Writing Tutorial Activities with a Deep Learning-Based Intelligent Tutor


Quantiphi designed a large-scale AI-based tutor that assists students across multiple learning contexts and domains, evaluating coursework and providing real-time feedback, creating a personalized learning experience even outside the classroom. Quantiphi’s solution included using a tool to assist the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in tagging the content of the course and creating a Knowledge Graph to empower the dialogs, questions and the chat flow of the AI tutor.


  • Personal Assistance
  • Intuitive User Interface

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