Business Impact

  • 70%

    Reduction in Time to Market

  • 95%

    Efficiency in Meeting SLAs

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : North America
  • Industry : Insurance

Problem Context

The client, a large insurance company, stored their data in multiple formats which resulted in data duplicacy. They sought to build a centralized, cost-effective, and scalable data platform hosting for low-latency delivery to enterprise customers around the world with self-service BI capabilities.



  • Use of Different Data ingestion and ETL techniques for streaming and historical data
  • Due to GDPR and compliance issues data lake had to be built in the Ireland region on AWS
  • Business had around 1600 tables and a lot of attributes to work with for reporting
  • Absence of proper Data dictionary and Data Lineage tracking feature


Amazon Redshift
Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Amazon DMS
AWS Lambda

Migrated data from multiple on-site data sources to the cloud and established a centralized data lake platform


Quantiphi helped the client migrate data from multiple on-site data sources to the cloud and established a cost-effective, scalable, and centralized data lake platform on the cloud by setting up an intake pipeline with security protocols and enabled them to view and gain insights in real-time.


  • Built a cost-effective Data Lake enabling faster insights and time to market
  • Less Delays in Data Processing, ETL Jobs, and BI Reporting

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