Business Impact

  • 5M

    In call volume annually

  • 80%

    Of user queries resolved in real-time

  • 30s

    Reduction in Average Handle Time

  • 24/7

    Live Chat Availability

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : North America
  • Industry : Retail

Problem Context

Organizations invest heavily in employee benefits as it is a vital component for increasing employee loyalty, productivity, attendance, as well as for recruitment. However, factors like disparate communication channels and time constraints often result in user queries not being adequately answered, leaving a large section of the employee base unaware of the benefits they are entitled to.

The customer, one of the world’s largest multinational retail corporations, wanted to empower their employees to unlock information within seconds.



  • Current Employee Relations IVR system has limitations in terms of usability, i.e. Not conversational and robotic, compromising user experience
  • Current Employee Relations IVR’s inability to understand natural language, resulting in high number of call transfers to live agents
  • Poor operational efficiency which puts a severe strain on call center resources and escalates costs

Technologies Used

Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
Cloud Functions

Building Key Components Of Employee Relations Contact Center AI


Quantiphi implemented a telephony-based virtual agent to transform their IVR system. The virtual agent provides 24/7 contact center support for associates with employee benefits-related queries. Quantiphi also designed and developed a highly configurable chat UI framework to enhance the experience for the end user.


  • Deflected 40% of the 5 million calls related to Employee Relations
  • Reduced average handling time by 30 seconds

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