Business Impact

  • Data-driven identification of high-value user accounts

  • Notable increase in user engagement

  • Individual focus on different user groups

Customer Key Facts

  • Country : United States
  • Size : 7500+ Employees
  • Industry : Social Media
  • About : The client is a leading global
    social media platform that allows users
    to make posts using limited number of words

Determine high-performing social media users and posts

The California-based global microblogging and social networking website company wanted to segment its users based on certain markers and attributes that drive the growth of an account or a post.


  • Inconsistency in variables
  • Difficulty in identifying accurate drivers and attributes to predict superusers
  • Identifying a model that guarantees the accuracy of data

Technologies Used

Google BigQuery
Google Cloud Function
Google Cloud Storage
Google Cloud Dataflow


Quantiphi developed an end-to-end solution leveraging the clustering model to segment users with similar behavioral attributes into groups.

Extensive driver’s analysis was performed to identify the metrics and attributes that have a propensity to drive post and follower growth.

A custom UI was then built to display different clusters that were created using the clustering model.


  • Identifying high-value user accounts for better targetting of customers
  • Grouping users based on custom requirements
  • Significant increase in user engagement

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