August 4, 2022

Quantiphi Earns Frost & Sullivan’s North America Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in Artificial Intelligence Services for the Healthcare Industry

MARLBOROUGH, MA – Quantiphi, an AI-first digital engineering company, has been awarded the Frost & Sullivan's North America Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in AI Services for the Healthcare Industry. Frost & Sullivan recognizes companies that are at the forefront of innovation and growth in their respective industries, and consistently develop growth strategies to solve challenges and create new opportunities effectively. 

The award comes to Quantiphi after qualifying through a rigorous analytical process established by Frost & Sullivan that evaluates best practices criteria across strategy, innovation, and customer impact. This award further showcases Quantiphi’s depth of expertise acknowledged in 2021 when Frost & Sullivan recognized the organization for best practices in AI services in the public sector. By strategically broadening its offering portfolios, Quantiphi has successfully addressed the compounding challenges of disruptive technologies, value chain compression, industry convergence, and changing business models within the healthcare industry. This award additionally celebrates the efforts of employees, customers, partners, and investors that support Quantiphi’s growth. 

“We’re delighted to receive this award that recognizes our commitment to build state-of-the-art AI solutions to overcome the unique data and infrastructure challenges faced by the healthcare industry,” said Bruno Nardone, Global Leader, Healthcare and Life Sciences at Quantiphi. “Our leading-edge AI solutions and capabilities have allowed us to help healthcare ecosystem clients including  providers, payers, life sciences and public sector organizations to realize the strategic benefits of their digital transformation initiatives .”

With the healthcare sector experiencing complex data and infrastructure challenges that make it difficult to navigate siloed and disparate data sets, healthcare stakeholders are struggling to formalize a clear roadmap to adopt digital strategies while maintaining data integrity and regulatory compliance. Quantiphi is committed to continuing investment in this target market segment and delivering innovative solutions to meet the scientific, business, and clinical needs unique to healthcare stakeholders.  This commitment will include optimizing the use of existing robust partner technologies to address known focal points or developing new AI/ML offerings aligned with emerging challenges. 

“Frost & Sullivan has selected Quantiphi for this award based on continuous innovation that supports and improves existing healthcare technologies,” said Pavel Zhebrouski, Research Analyst. “Quantiphi stands out with its expertise in streamlining and accelerating solutions’ adoption, providing strategic advice, and ensuring solutions and services are HIPAA-, GDPR-, and GxP-compliant.”

Quantiphi’s strong partnerships with market leaders such as Google, AWS, and Nvidia have enhanced its capabilities to build industry-leading solutions. Quantiphi was recently named the launch partner for Google Cloud’s Healthcare Data Engine, an intelligent end-to-end solution facilitating a real-time, holistic view of patient records, easily accessible by healthcare leaders, researchers, and clinicians in a secure, compliant, and scalable cloud environment. It allows for easy and standardized data exchange among different applications and solutions within an organization. By leveraging the Google Cloud Platform and other partner channels, Quantiphi has the freedom to innovate solutions in a real-world customer environment. Healthcare Data Engine is HIPAA and other healthcare safety and data privacy regulations compliant and enables a secure environment to build data-driven clinical analytics solutions.

Frost & Sullivan cited many of Quantiphi’s success stories and achievements in its report, strengthening Quantiphi’s position as a Competitive Strategy Leader in the AI services in the healthcare industry. Frost & Sullivan acknowledges Quantiphi’s focused approach to AI-enabled digital transformation in the healthcare sector, helping clients outpace their competitors. Quantiphi has consistently developed strategies with customers in mind, which has helped it secure its position as a trusted partner and market leader. 

About Quantiphi

Quantiphi is an award-winning AI-first digital engineering company driven by the desire to reimagine and realize transformational opportunities at the heart of the business. Quantiphi solves the toughest and complex business problems by combining deep industry experience, disciplined cloud, data-engineering practices, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence research to achieve quantifiable business impact at unprecedented speed. We are passionate about our customers and obsessed with problem-solving to make products smarter, customer experiences frictionless, processes autonomous and businesses safer by detecting risks, threats, and anomalies. Together with partners and customers, we embark on a data and AI-led transformation journey that delivers impactful and measurable results. 

For more on Quantiphi’s capabilities, visit https://quantiphi.com/

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