October 7, 2021

Quantiphi Receives Frost & Sullivan’s 2021 North America Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in Artificial Intelligence Services in the Public Sector

Quantiphi has been recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s Competitive Strategy Leadership Award for its approach to achieve top-line growth and provide a superior customer experience.

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. — Quantiphi, an AI-first digital engineering company, announced that it has been awarded Frost & Sullivan's 2021 North American Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in AI services in the public sector. Quantiphi, with its award-winning technology and disciplined cloud and data engineering practices, excelled in best practices criteria across the following two dimensions: Strategy Innovation and Customer Impact in AI services in the public sector.

“Rather than trying to sell a solution without in-depth insight into the issue, Quantiphi's experts investigate specific sectors to pick use cases where its solution areas (e.g., AI/ML, data analytics, conversational AI, and infrastructure) are likely to have an impact,” - Hemangi Patel, Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan.

According to the Frost & Sullivan report, “Quantiphi helps governments and enterprises achieve quantifiable business impact by creating innovative and scalable solutions at an unprecedented speed across numerous industries.” Frost & Sullivan acknowledges Quantiphi’s effort to educate customers about the available technologies and possible outcomes to ensure positive results under all circumstances.

“At Quantiphi, we continue to reinforce our commitment towards creating citizen-centric experiences by leveraging AI and data-driven intelligence to empower citizens,” said Asif Hasan, Co-founder, Quantiphi. “The award from Frost & Sullivan is a strong validation of our capabilities and commitment to state and local governments to improve public service, create superior citizen experiences, and generate innovative data-driven insights.”

According to Frost & Sullivan, Quantiphi leverages strategic partnerships with hyperscalers to deploy specific customer implementations. Apart from the hyperscalers, Quantiphi collaborates with Nvidia and Tensorflow to solve critical business challenges. Moreover, Quantiphi leverages these credible partners to deliver tailored solutions and services that cater to specific challenges in bringing digital transformation to the public sector, many of which have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Frost & Sullivan lauds Quantiphi for cultivating broader market relationships and actively helping customers gain insight into the challenges they want to address through custom ML models

“We put problems of the public sector enterprises at the forefront in all our implementation programs. By organizing ideation workshops, identifying the problems they want to solve and finding the potential resolutions, we try to bring a consultative approach to the table,” said Taylor Cyr, Practice Lead, Public Sector and Higher Education, Quantiphi. “Instead of a one size fits all approach, we create relevant solutions that are tailored and scalable.”

Frost & Sullivan commends Quantiphi for its strategic approach in prioritizing next-gen technologies such as AI/ML, data analytics, conversational AI, and infrastructure in the following four prominent focus areas:

  • Engagement solutions explore how constituents interact with systems. By identifying the limited virtual services in the public sector, Quantiphi caters to transcription and categorization and employs virtual agents to deliver constituent information and self-services.
  • Automation solutions address the significant manual work associated with processing forms in understaffed departments, offering document AI to streamline tedious workflows and provide claim and application processing capabilities.
  • Intelligence solutions capture the shift to data-driven insights, such as computer vision for social distancing and mask compliance, translation services, and multimedia repositories. Quantiphi educates agencies and helps them understand the value of their data by demonstrating its utilization in a streamlined way.
  • Infrastructure solutions address unorganized data silos by including capabilities, such as data lake intelligence, to enable analytical workbench and dashboarding through improved data capturing and curation management systems, supporting interoperability. Quantiphi integrates innovative solutions with existing systems to ensure a manageable process using cloud technology to augment some of these functions.

To read an excerpt of the report, click here.

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About Quantiphi

Quantiphi is an award-winning AI-first digital transformation engineering company driven by the desire to solve transformational problems at the heart of business. Quantiphi solves the toughest and complex business problems by combining deep industry experience, disciplined cloud and data engineering practices, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence research to achieve quantifiable business impact at unprecedented speed. We are passionate about our customers and obsessed with problem-solving to make products smarter, customer experiences frictionless, processes autonomous and businesses safer by detecting risks, threats and anomalies. For more on Quantiphi’s capabilities, visit https://quantiphi.com/.

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