Quantiphi Named a Launch Partner for Google Cloud’s Medical Imaging Suite

December 12, 2022

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. – Quantiphi, an AI-first digital engineering company, announced that it has been named a launch partner for Google Cloud’s Medical Imaging Suite. The Medical Imaging Suite is a new industry solution that makes healthcare imaging data more accessible, interoperable and useful to help accelerate the development of artificial intelligence (AI) for imaging. As a Google Cloud premier partner, Quantiphi enables institutions to develop AI solutions that lead to faster and more accurate diagnoses and increase the productivity of healthcare practitioners.

Medical imaging refers to several technologies used to view the human body in order to diagnose and monitor medical conditions. Medical imaging data accounts for about 90 percent of all healthcare data and continues to grow, most of which is complex and highly dependent on humans to read. Google Cloud’s Medical Imaging Suite offers a comprehensive solution that helps address the common pain points organizations face in developing AI/machine learning (ML) models, by enabling secure, standardized imaging storage, AI-assisted annotation tools from NVIDIA, and faster model development.

Quantiphi developed and deployed custom AI/ML solutions on Google Cloud’s secure and accessible platform that solved pressing challenges in healthcare diagnostics and drug discovery. Using Google Cloud’s secure, scalable technologies made accessing data from Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) easy for developers. These pipelines accelerate the development of scalable AI models and imaging deployment offers flexibility so that organizations can meet diverse sovereignty, data security, and privacy requirements and provide centralized management and policy enforcement.

“We are excited to be named a launch partner for Google’s Medical imaging suite,” said Bruno Nardone, Global Leader – Healthcare and Life Sciences, at Quantiphi. “Our strategic partnership with NVIDIA Clara and Google Cloud has equipped us with the best tools and frameworks to build interoperable custom ML applications to alleviate the challenges and inefficiencies that limit optimization of medical image data”.

Google Cloud integrates NVIDIA such as MONAI, a medical imaging AI framework co-founded and accelerated by NVIDIA into the imaging suite, which Quantiphi leveraged to create applications to transform medical imaging workflows. NVIDIA offers easy-to-use, domain-optimized tools so data scientists and researchers can create high-quality labeled datasets, collaborative techniques to train robust AI models, and an end-to-end software framework for scalable and modular AI deployments. The solutions ultimately improved the speed of diagnosis to identify the regions of interest in scans, monitor changes, and enable faster decision-making processes for physicians.

“By leveraging MONAI’s domain-specific tools, pre-trained models, and accelerated applications, Quantiphi has been able to develop breakthrough AI solutions for the healthcare industry,” said David Niewolny, Director of Healthcare Business Development, at NVIDIA. “The combination of AI/ML expertise from Quantiphi and NVIDIA has proven to be a competitive advantage for clients looking to create a transformational impact on their healthcare processes.”

The components of the medical imaging suite include-

  • Imaging Storage: Cloud Healthcare API, allows easy and secure data exchange using the international DICOMweb standard for imaging. Cloud Healthcare API provides a fully managed, highly scalable, enterprise-grade development environment and includes automated DICOM de-identification. Imaging technology partners include NetApp for seamless on-prem to cloud data management, and Change Healthcare, a cloud-native enterprise imaging PACS for clinical use by radiologists.
  • Imaging Lab: AI-assisted annotation tools from NVIDIA such as MONAI Label help automate the highly manual and repetitive task of labeling medical images, and Google Cloud also offers native integration with any DICOMweb viewer.
  • Imaging Datasets and Dashboards: Organizations can use BigQuery and Looker to view and search petabytes of imaging data to perform advanced analytics and create training datasets with zero operational overhead.
  • Imaging AI Pipelines: Using Vertex AI on Google Cloud can accelerate the development of AI pipelines to build scalable machine learning models, with 80 percent fewer lines of code required for custom modeling.
  • Imaging Deployment: Flexible options for cloud, on-prem, or edge deployment allow organizations to meet diverse sovereignty, data security, and privacy requirements—while providing centralized management and policy enforcement with Google Distributed Cloud, enabled by Anthos.

Quantiphi has been a leading provider of AI-first digital engineering solutions in the healthcare industry, delivering scalable solutions in the medical imaging space. From building models to automate medical image diagnosis to building data lakes for managing radiology data, Quantiphi has made a significant contribution to making healthcare data more accurate and accessible. As a launch partner, Quantiphi is well-equipped to leverage the Google Cloud’s Medical Imaging Suite components to deliver turnkey medical imaging solutions that are efficient, secure, and compliant for healthcare providers. To learn more about Quantiphi’s AI abilities in the healthcare arena, contact us.

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