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Quantiphi Shines at NVIDIA GTC 2024: A Post-Event Recap

The NVIDIA GTC 2024 conference, held March 18th-21st at the San Jose Convention Center, was a hub for groundbreaking developments and discussions in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. Quantiphi played a prominent role, showcasing cutting-edge solutions, industry expertise, and unwavering commitment to the AI community.
Missed out on our exciting sessions at GTC? Don't worry; we've got you covered. Explore our impactful presence at the event in this blog.

Award-Winning Excellence:

Quantiphi secured the prestigious NVIDIA Partner Network AI Service Delivery Partner of the Year award for an impressive third consecutive year. This remarkable achievement is a culmination of more than a decade of AI leadership and Quantiphi’s commitment to solving the toughest and most complex business problems.

Expertise on Display:

Our presence spanned across the AI Centre of Excellence and Generative AI Pavilions. At the AI CoE Pavilion, we demonstrated our proficiency in Applied AI and Platform Modernization using the entire family of NVIDIA GPUs and SDKs like Triton, DeepStream, NeMo, Tokkio and Riva.. We fostered engaging conversations with industry leaders keen on adopting Generative AI within their organizations.

baioniq: Empowering Enterprise Productivity

The Generative AI Pavilion hosted baioniq, our enterprise-ready generative AI platform. Designed to boost enterprise productivity, baioniq seamlessly integrates with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, including the recently announced NVIDIA NIM and NVIDIA NeMo microservices.

Quantiphi booth at NVIDIA GTC’24 - AI CoE Pavillion

Sharing Knowledge Through Engaging Sessions

Quantiphi actively contributed to a series of engaging sessions at GTC, covering diverse topics and offering valuable insights:

Led by Siddharth Kotwal, Global Head of NVIDIA Practice at Quantiphi, the session on "Architecting Enterprise AI Success with RAGs and LLMs" delved into lessons learned and best practices for implementing generative AI solutions. In the panel discussion "Generative AI as an Innovative Accelerator in Telcos," featuring Asif Hasan, (Quantiphi Co-Founder) , Lilac llan, (Global Head of Business Development for Telco Operations, NVIDIA) and Chris Halton, (VP of Product Strategy and Innovation, Verizon), they explored about the transformative potential of generative AI within the telecom industry. Ravi Teja Konkimalla, (Senior Solution Architect, Quantiphi) , showcased the potential of “Transforming User Experience with RAG-powered Human Voice Interfaces”, highlighting the latest advancements in speech and generative AI alongside real-world success stories and RAG applications. At the AWS booth, Raj Ponnuraj presented the "Real-Time Closed Captioning Solution," unveiling an innovative technology using NVIDIA Riva that instantly transforms spoken words into accurate, domain-specific, real-time captions catering to diverse audiences across genres. In our session with James Alberque from the City of Raleigh, Raj shared insights on how Quantiphi's robust intelligent video analytics solution, leveraging the NVIDIA Metropolis stack, is improving urban mobility and enhancing the lives of residents and visitors in Raleigh. Know more about the solutions and demos showcased at the event.

Key sessions by Quantiphi at GTC’24

The audience demonstrated keen interest in Quantiphi’s state-of-the-art solutions, expressing a strong desire to learn more about our capabilities. Through these sessions, Quantiphi shared knowledge and insights, fostering engagement and exploration of cutting-edge AI solutions.

In the Fireside Chat on "Innovations in Clinical Trials with Generative AI," Quantiphi was joined by representatives from Genentech, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and NVIDIA to explore the potential of generative AI in advancing breakthroughs in life sciences. Meanwhile, the Fireside Chat on 'Navigating Infrastructure Challenges for Generative AI' addressed the obstacles faced in infrastructure during Generative AI application development. The speakers from Quantiphi, Lambda Labs & NVIDIA shared insights on distributed fine-tuning and deployment of Large Language Models (LLMs) with the NeMo Framework and NVIDIA AI Enterprise on DGX.

Fireside chat sessions at GTC’24

Quantiphi's engagement at NVIDIA GTC 2024 was immensely successful, garnering an enthusiastic response from the customers, partners and other attendees. We're thankful for the opportunity to share our expertise, insights, and groundbreaking solutions with the AI community. Looking ahead, we're committed to furthering our contributions to the AI industry and fostering our collaboration with NVIDIA to drive innovation and success.

If you're keen on learning more about our solutions or the demos showcased at GTC, don't hesitate to reach out to us at info@quantiphi.com.

Written by

Ankit Shah

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