Marketing Analytics • May 28, 2023

Redefine your Customer & Marketing Analytics

The application of Analytics and Data Science to the world of consumer behavior and marketing is among the lowest hanging fruits, which shows the immediate impact and is easily translated into dollars saved or earned. The outcomes expected at every step of the customer journey can either be improved, optimized, or enhanced using Advanced Analytics and ML.

Here is a sneak peek into the solution portfolio of Quantiphi’s CMX practice:

Building Blocks:

The solution portfolio is built on four major objectives that are realized through these four specific solution areas:

  1. Understand your Customer Better - Customer 360: The key to implementing any customer and marketing analytics use case is your data. Leveraging Quantiphi’s deep expertise in Data, Analytics, and ETL, you can break down silos to build warehouses and data platforms that serve as a single source of truth. This leads to the creation of data-driven segments and consumer profiles.
  2. Acquire More Customers - Conversion Rate Optimisation: Quantiphi, over the years, has built accelerators and deep expertise in statistical modeling. Adding to it the best-in-class feature engineering, the CMX team delivers excellent models to predict the “Next Best Action“ for consumers and segments. This, in turn, helps improve targeting and impact the top line.
  3. Engage customer Better - Personalisation: To take a consumer from a customer to a loyalist, it is imperative that they feel special. For this, it is essential to achieve personalization at every touchpoint. Quantiphi leverages its core DNA of AI-first digital transformation to build recommendation engines and personalization tools to drive higher engagement across market and customer segments. GCP and Recommendation AI API is an integral part of this solution suite.
  4. Retain the best - Persistency: It is common knowledge that earning $ 1 from an existing satisfied customer takes considerably less investment than acquiring a new customer to earn the same amount. Predicting the churn and lifetime value through the intrinsic signals from your data is key. Quantiphi has multi-industry experience in implementing solutions in this area.

These four building blocks, along with Quantiphi’s unparalleled program management, are a recipe for success for all CMO/CIO organizations.

Our Customer and Marketing Analytics solutions cater to customers across industries with unique needs and data dependencies. With deep expertise in this domain, Quantiphi has helped customers reimagine marketing to enhance brand loyalty and increase profitability. Leverage our innovative approach and Marketing Analytics solutions to achieve your marketing goals the data science way. Know more.

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