AI Applications • September 21, 2020

Revolutionize Contact Centers with AI

As the COVID-19 pandemic is compelling communications service providers (CSPs) to rethink and radically change their operations in real-time, contact centers are facing increased pressure. Customers are reaching out to contact centers more than ever and at the same time, contact centers can’t host hundreds of agents under one roof anymore. This has led to an increase in wait times and a decline in customer experience.

To succeed, contact centers in telcos must be hyper-efficient; with every possible metric, output and deliverable enumerated, analyzed, and optimized. They must be able to address issues like:

  • High wait times
  • High abandonment rate
  • High churn rates
  • Reputation damage
  • High employee attrition rates 
  • Siloed information streams

As we know, even in the best of times, customers might abandon a brand after only three unsatisfactory support interactions. One bad interaction is sufficient impetus to leave for many customers. They never truly forgive organizations that fail to deliver the required customer experience. Clearly, telcos that haven’t yet thought of deploying virtual agents need to start thinking. 

When AI meets Contact Centers 

Some contact centers have already deployed virtual agents and are thus addressing changes in volume and new customer concerns. They can immediately scale their operations and meet evolving needs. A chatbot, after all, is just a simple step forward from an IVR. 

However, true AI is a leap beyond this. With machines learning from customers, responding to requests in natural language, and developing the ability to handle more complex issues and customer processes, it enhances a Contact Centre Agent’s ability to serve.  

Explore JOIN,  a Digital Data Conference led by Looker to hear from Quantiphi executives and many more to gain greater insight on the latest happenings in the AI that can transform contact centers. Attend our session to understand how proven solutions like Contact Center AI can streamline operations for both customers and agents. This session is all about finding answers to questions like how to converse naturally with customers using virtual agents and deploy them as chatbots while integrating with the telco’s systems. It will focus on the best practices to help Human-agents answer queries faster and improve their operational efficiency.

JOIN will also talk about how Contact Center insights can empower telcos to identify major call drivers and gauge the user and agent sentiments while covering a number of Contact Center KPIs.

Also, we will give you a brief overview of how our Contact Center AI solution can accelerate the digital transformation of contact centers and reduce costs for your organization. To know more about the impact of the solution, register for the webinar now. 

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