Transforming Customer Experience with CCAI Insights

Contact centers are constantly evolving with the shift in consumer expectations and behavior. The pandemic has expedited the contact center modernization process for organizations due to an unprecedented surge in call volumes across different industries from healthcare to retail.

By employing and leveraging the right technology, organizations can empower their contact centers to deliver consistent experiences across channels and throughout the customer journey. AI-powered analytics provide the contact centers with insights that enable enhanced user experience, improve operational efficiency, drive business value, and train contact center agents. This blog post explains how CCAI Insights solves the challenges that contact centers face today in order to help organizations build great customer experiences and drive business growth.

How AI enables better customer experience

Customers’ expectations are evolving faster than ever. They demand real-time interactions and quick resolution of their queries, which makes AI-enabled virtual agents a necessity.  As per a study done by Gartner, 30% of customer service organizations will deliver proactive customer services by using AI-enabled process orchestration and continuous intelligence. 

AI-powered Virtual Agents deliver the information to users as they need it and enhance the customer experience in real-time and at scale. It resolves queries automatically and reduces wait times. AI-powered Agent Assistance supports human agents by providing real-time suggestions on how to respond back to the user query, thereby improving the response time. 

Google CCAI Insights transforms the customer experience and improves user engagement by identifying call drivers, understanding sentiment, and visualizing patterns in conversation data that help agents improve customer interactions. This can help organizations:

  • Highlight agent and customer intents to identify the conversations your business should focus on. 
  • Find trending issues in near real-time being reported in your contact center to make business adjustments.
  • Identify the call topics that cause the lowest CSAT, take the longest time to resolve, and find the commonalities among those conversations. 

What is CCAI Insights

Google’s Contact Center Artificial Intelligence (CCAI) is an AI solution that lets the Contact Center leadership better understand the customer, thereby allowing them to make data-driven business decisions, improve customer experience and increase operational efficiency.

CCAI insights help in understanding customer and agent behavior across the conversation. The provides data-driven valuable insights such as:

  • Topic Modeling helps in understanding the major call driver in the conversation. This eliminates the need of manually reviewing the conversation and creating the labels 
  • Highlighters assess the critical areas by identifying the conversations that match the given criteria. It creates high-level aggregates and complex data analysis about customer and agent behavior such as ensuring accurate, relevant, and complete information is provided to the customer. This also validates if the agent is compliance and following the required process
  • Entity Extraction dissects the conversation into programmable pieces of information that can be used to understand common people, places, and things being discussed. 
  • Sentiment Analysis provides granular information on the sentiment for each exchange within the contact center to help understand the trends across conversations and the aggregate sentiment for both customers and agents.
  • Conversation Hub facilitates a detailed view of interactions. It provides insight on customer sentiment and their key areas of interest. Additionally, it also provides flexibility to monitor agent performance across the calls such as accuracy of the response, language proficiency, call transfer, etc.

These metrics help to identify areas of the conversation that match given criteria, the ability to drive into issues at a granular level, and quickly assess an interaction for critical issues. This enables organizations to expedite resolution, reduce call times, monitor performance, and maintain strong relationships with customers.

CCAI Insights in action

Quantiphi leveraged CCAI Insights for our clients to enhance their customer service and reduce operational costs.

One of our customers provides their customers a platform that uses batch processing to deliver qualitative and quantitative insights, separately referred to in two UIs, to drive sales effectiveness. This process is passive where the customer has to manage the administrative handle and manually configure KPI’s and scoring.

The customer approached us to provide them with a unified real-time platform that can handle both quantitative and qualitative metrics with a pool of relevant KPIs, key moments of the calls which would ultimately facilitate the process of analyzing agents’ performance during sales calls

Using CCAI Insights, Quantiphi provided a one-stop solution compiling key highlights, insightful metrics such as sentiment score, silence time, important topics, and tagging call entities, which transformed the customer experience by giving visibility into sales performance of agents at a call level.

The CCAI Insights solution provides granular insights helping the Sales managers to train the agents efficiently, and also provide near real-time assistance to the agents where necessary. We’ve seen in early testing a lift of ~25% for sales teams, and this is just the beginning.

AI-powered contact centers are the future

In the contact center world, CCAI Insights provides a detailed review of interactions that span the entire customer journey over all channels. It also finds trending issues in real-time to make business adjustments. It bridges the gap between humans and technology, keeps everyone connected, and provides real-time support for both agents and their team leaders. The power of Conversational AI has to be encapsulated into an easily accessible interface. CCAI Insights enables this experience while delivering actionable metrics to organizations.

To learn more about Quantiphi’s CCAI Insights capabilities, reach out to our experts.

Written byGaurav Johar

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