Business Impact

  • Automated Extractions of the Data Fields from Dental Claim Form

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : California
  • Size : 50 to 200
  • Industry : Healthcare

Problem Context

The client, a leader in building Electronic Data Interchange solutions for the American dental industry, processed nearly 45 million EDI transactions, consisting of more than 30 million dental claims annually. They sought to build Textract based document processing solution to automate the processing of their dental claim forms. Therefore, they collaborated with Quantiphi to develop a document processing solution on AWS and leverage our proprietary AI models that can help in extracting data fields from the American Dental Association claim forms.



  • Handling different types of the dental claim forms
  • Data field extraction from claim forms with low image resolution
  • Extracting missing teeth information from the dental claim forms


AWS Lambda
AWS Textract

Automated extraction of data fields from the dental claim forms


Quantiphi’s Document Processing solution automatically extracted different data types from the Dental claim forms like Key-Value pairs, Checkboxes, and Table values and structured the output results in the desired format as a json output.


  • Automated extractions of the Data fields from Dental Claim Form
  • Easy extraction of Missing tooth Information from Dental Claim forms

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