Awards & Recognition • October 18, 2022

Quantiphi and Google Cloud: Rethinking Partnerships to Drive Innovation

To celebrate the collaborative spirit and customer-first approach of its partners, Google Cloud presents select partners with awards in multiple categories every year.  In 2021, Quantiphi was recognized as the Breakthrough Partner of the Year for the North American region. This is the sixth award we have received in five consecutive years. 

Our partnership with Google Cloud started in 2016 with only five Google Cloud dedicated team members catering specifically to custom AI/ML solutions on the US East Coast. Today, we have a dedicated team of over 2,000 members focused on Google Cloud Data and AI solutions across the globe. Our Google Cloud-based operations have served clients in Canada, the UK and Ireland, Latin America, and Singapore in addition to the US. We initially started by servicing large-scale enterprises to optimize their production workloads and have now established multi-year centers of excellence with developed digital transformation partnerships.

Our Journey with Google Cloud

2021 was exceptionally successful for Quantiphi despite challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. We have delivered close to 350 projects with over 160 clients across 9+ verticals to emerge as 2X Google Cloud Award winners. We have also been recognized as a global leader in analyst quadrants for Data and AI solutions by major analysts in the field. Our partnership with Google Cloud has seen exponential growth of 160% CAGR in Google Cloud Business Group Revenue in a two-year period. The agreements signed and commitments we have delivered to our clients using Google Cloud have accelerated Quantiphi’s Google Cloud revenue by two times. 

Our performance and market position has been consistent, especially with regard to Google Cloud Catalog Solution Depth and Talent Density, among others. Quantiphi has been among the partners dedicated to investing in partner differentiation, including being the first Google Cloud partner to achieve the Global Machine Learning Specialization, and more recently adding the Global Specialization for Data Analytics. Our dedicated Google Cloud team — where one of every three members is Google Cloud certified — covers over 60 percent of Google Cloud's open, trusted, and Data Cloud Portfolio. We have been recognized with over 112 Partner Expertise credentials across Google Cloud products, solutions, and industries for a demonstrated track record of customer success. Our diversity, equity, and inclusion investments improved women’s representation by 30%. 

Quantiphi's commitment to the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Differentiation journey reinforces the importance of establishing a solid foundation to build innovative solutions that stand out in the market. This commitment is also translating to customer confidence and success through Quantiphi’s proactive focus on keeping certifications fresh to ensure Quantiphi  customers are working with highly skilled cloud experts. " – Derrick Thompson, Global Head of Partner Differentiation

Quantiphi now has 100 percent Google Cloud-focused field sales coverage across the US subregions and Canada, including in-region presence. We have teams present across all major geographies including London (UK&I), Amsterdam (EMEA), and India and Singapore (APAC). Quantiphi facilitated extensive account research to support greenfield investments across industries and introduced partner funding to accelerate customers’ adoption and migration to Google Cloud. 

Quantiphi has also been recognized in the 2022 ISG Provider LensTM Quadrant Reports as a Leader in Data Analytics and Machine Learning for the Google Cloud ecosystem in Europe. The report also named Quantiphi a Rising Star for Data Analytics and Machine Learning as well as for Integration and Implementation Services for the Google Cloud ecosystem in North America. The report highlights Quantiphi’s strong industry-aligned talent base; cross-stacked expertise in scaling new programs, products, and services; 360-degree relationship with Google Cloud; deep ecosystem; and industry traction resulting from the delivery of innovative machine learning projects for clients across the world.

“Quantiphi excels at the quality of talent and depth of industry focus and relevance in the US market, especially for advanced GCP capabilities e.g., in data analytics and machine learning.” Tapati Bandopadhyay, Lead Analyst – US at ISG.

Google Cloud Award Jorurney

The Breakthrough Award Milestone

Our efforts in furthering AI-led innovations through using Google Cloud across workloads and industries have been recognized by Google Cloud successively since 2017. By naming us the Breakthrough Partner of the Year in the North American region, Google Cloud acknowledges our use of Google Cloud to enable AI-led digital transformation journeys for our clients. It is a validation of our commitment to innovate, engineer, and design new solutions for the digital age. 

This partnership with Google Cloud enables our customers to tap into the latest advancements in AI, machine learning, and data analytics. Our success in delivering AI-led solutions with Google Cloud has been consistent over the years, delivering business transformation value to over a hundred enterprises. Quantiphi is a launch and implementation partner with various product and industry solutions teams within Google Cloud, such as Healthcare Data Engine, Vertex AI, Discovery Solutions, Document AI, and Contact Center AI, amongst others. 

Beyond the Google Cloud ecosystem, we are amongst the top tier across our partnership networks with NVIDIA, SAP, Soul Machines, and others, allowing us to scale and unlock new opportunities for our customers and innovation teams alike. Quantiphi is Google Cloud-ready with R&D investments dedicated to developing engineering assets and quick-start solution packages to ease the friction in adopting and migrating to Google Cloud. To further our success on Google Cloud, we intend to monetize intellectual property listing in the Google Cloud Marketplace. To assist organizations with realizing the complete value of cloud-based solutions, we are developing a 360-degree Google Cloud portfolio that includes new practices in security and data management. 

What Quantiphi is Best known for

As a data and AI-first digital engineering company, Quantiphi is best known for providing customized solutions across AI and Data platforms leveraging cutting-edge, niche products and solutions that enable our customers to stay ahead of the curve of innovation. As a Google Cloud launch and implementation partner, we have enabled enterprise adoption of several Google Cloud products over the years ranging from Contact Center AI, Document AI, Vertex AI, Customer Data Platforms, and Healthcare Data Engine, to name a few. We strongly believe in “solving what matters,” and have established dedicated industry verticals within our organization, comprising industry veterans and SMEs for HCLS, FSI, Retail & CPG, Media & Entertainment, and Manufacturing, among others.  We have built a catalog of 50+ widely sought Horizontal & Industry Solutions, complete with accelerators and repeatable IPs that re-imagine and transform our customers’ value chains. When you partner with Quantiphi, you experience the innovation, faster time to value, and top-notch skills of our team members which are recognized by Google Cloud. 

Written by

Saurabh Mishra

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