AI Applications • June 5, 2023

Quantiphi Awarded Coke One North America (CONA) Innovation Partner of the Year 2019

For more than two years, Quantiphi has partnered with Coke One North America (CONA) Services to jointly develop solutions for thousands of its bottlers across North America. The solutions, built on advanced artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning methods (ML), and big data technologies, optimize sales and operations for CONA’s bottling partners. 

Quantiphi and CONA jointly worked on the OrderSmart and VendPrime solutions broadly classified as sales-focused and operations-focused, which are scalable solutions powered by cutting-edge AI and ML. Both can analyze large volumes of data and provide actionable insights for bottlers, enabling them to function efficiently with accurate forecasting. On the operations front, AI-powered solutions enable day-to-day warehouse optimization by cutting down wastage and real-time inventory checks.

OrderSmart is a forecasting solution that provides stock-keeping unit (SKU) level estimates for each store in CONA Services’ entire North American convenience retail landscape. The project successfully forecasts the sales of nearly 170,000 convenience stores across North America. It also applies additional store specific context to generate a draft order for field sales associates. Bottlers choose to redeploy in-outlet efficiencies generated as a result in a variety of ways.

The VendPrime solution combines collaborative filtering and popular demand to generate real-time recommendations for Coca-Cola vending machines across North America. This helped to drive sales growth and reduce the amount of product that remained untouched in the machines. The recommendation solution further manifests into multiple use cases from small and midsize convenience retailers to full-service restaurants. 

Due to the success of these solutions, we’re excited to announce that Quantiphi has won the 2019 CONA Innovation Partner of the Year Award. This year is the first for the awards, where CONA services recognizes partners who play a crucial role in their ability to innovate and disrupt. Quantiphi is honored with the recognition which stands  testimony to our ability and expertise in building and deploying practical AI/ML-centric business solutions at scale  

Quantiphi is now a trusted partner invested in the success of CONA’s innovation effort. Quantiphi is proud to be associated with CONA in their mission to deliver growth to the Coca-Cola bottlers in North America by implementing cutting-edge and scalable AI/big data solutions.

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